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Sound Quality

My only downfall with the rp5 is that the clean stuff is very dirty. It has this hideous hissing noise that you can't get rid of. I've tried equeing it out, I even took it to an authoroized dealer to look at it. They told me this unit is known to be dirty like this. I love every effect this unit has to offer but, I like my clean stuff to be clean. Not dirty with all of the hissing.


I have had no problems or mishaps with this unit. It is real simple to use and easy to work with while playing live or in the studio. It is just noisy when it comes to the clean stuff.

General Comments

I play gospel, rock, and r&b. I bought this unit new. I've been playing for about 12yrs. I chose this unit because another player was using an rp12. And I was new to the processor game , I couldn't get that at the time. They had the rp5 out at a price that I could get. And there were some differences but, the rp12 & rp5 were very simular. And it was made by the same company. The rp5 is really set up the way I like . But, without the noise.

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