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Sound Quality

I work and own an old pawnhop in Seatle. Most of the stuff I got is junky and this JMP-1 is just as bad. I have been tryin' to sell it for five years and no one wants it. I think it sounds shitty but I don't say anything when someone is looking at it. Terrible sound and cheaply put together. Had another one but threw it in the garbage cause the battery leaked all over it and wrecked it. Noisy, stinky, cheapy, crappy. I play a Marshall JCM900 that sounds awesome. I'd never play this JMP-1. I hope I can sell it soon.


It keeps shorting out tubes. I tried taking both tubes out and connecting the circuit with some tin foil and it worked. Now I sell it as a tubeless mod. It sounds just as crappy, so the tubes didn't do nuthin'.

General Comments

Almost a hunk of junk. Good for beginners but no real musician would touch this unless they were getting a heap of cash. You know, like KISS a few years ago. Marshall has really let a fart out of the bag with this thing. I have it priced to go at $100, cause I just wanna get it out of my sight.


Just a waste of tin and transistors.

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