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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

I'm playing bluesy rock, beatles, cracker, nashville sound, etc. and it totally nails it!! Quiet amp for all volume levels I love when I'm really grooving, it almost sounds like reverb happening but when I stop, it stops. Must be something inherent to the Tubes. This is my first tube amp. The distortion really starts up about 12 o'clock and up. and it growls but still has plenty of tone and separation. not all muddled (AFTER MODS!!).


I think it's built like a brick **** house, personally. Not only is it pretty but it's tough!

General Comments

Been playing 25 plus years, off and on.

I'd buy it again if lost of stolen but might also move on up to someother tube amp now that this little $250 amp has whet my whistle!


Love the way it sounds and looks. Love how easy it is to just come home, turn on, plug in, and go! couldn't be easier. I remember inthe past i'd spend 30 minutes tweaking this and that trying to get a sound instead of just playing, and improving my own technique instead of trying to mask it with EQ and effects.

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