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Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Pedal

Sound Quality

Bought this in '90 as my 2nd effect pedal. I was and still am just a hobby player that on a rare occasion finds a friend that wants to jam a little. When I got this it was pure heaven. Hendrix licks, Sabbath - anything that had some type of wah in it was fodder for my average chops. To me the wah's sound quality is in the skill of the player. In the hands of someone that can really play mediocre gear sounds awesome. I've since moved on to an RMC3 with its 7 different tuning options but it's night and day for the cost difference and the ease of use.


It's going on 19 years old and once the dust and carpet lint were cleaned off it looked like it was 2 months old. I never put it to the test gigging but my guess is it would be something very reliable. I also have a problem with people "stomping" on these pedals and complaining about their dependability. You could buy a 3 really top end pedals and that would be 3/4 the cost of a boutique amp. Quit stomping and take care of your and you wouldn't need a backup which is just 2x the money.

General Comments

Since I think a wah's sound is directly related to the playing ability of the user this is a really nice pedal.

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