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Sound Quality

The pedal is pretty well known to have a metallic-ish quality to its sound, I happen to love this about it. The way I run mine it feels almost like it's crawling up your skin or something. The BF-2 knocked my old FL-9 off my board- the FL-9 is a very smooth analog flanger, never really did it for me. The BF-2 is perfect for me. Very clean sound- no noise other than what you put in to it.


Boss pedals are built really well- they are tough.

General Comments

Over all I love the BF-2 but I think it would not be every ones cup of tea. I love it for its slightly uncomfortable metallic-isqe qualities and I run it more subtle than your big old jet swooshes and whatnot.

I wouldn't say that it lends its self to any type of music ether.

I imagine that you'd ether love or hate the pedal.


I use it in concert with several other pedals, but I find it's a lot of fun with delay in particular.


I would replace it in a heartbeat if it was lost or stolen, one of my favorite pedals.

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