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Sound Quality

I play blues/rock from slow jazz type through to very heavy metal and the guitar suits my styles very well, although since I bought it have moved towards strats which have greater versatility. I use it with a 30 watt Marshall FX amp and a multi-effects pedal. The output of the humbuckers is very good - I have it set on only 2-3 volume, but 7-8 for my texas specials armed strat for the same effect. It is a rich full sound - very good for blues/jazz on the neck humbucker and for heavy distortion on the bridge. There is a fair amount of variety possible with different levels of distortion, but two pickups and no coil splitter is bound to be limiting.


The guitar is very solidly built and does withstand live playing, although a set-neck is always a little vulnerable. The finish seems very solid and I expect it to last. The strap buttons are also solid and look good to last. The design of the locking saddle is particularly good (and obviously borrowed) as it is much simpler than the 'tune-o-matic' often used, but can still be properly intonated), it also gives fantastic tuning stability. The major problem with this guitar is the gold hardware. I could tell as soon as I got it out of the box that this might be a problem and low and behold the 'gold' plating rapidly began to tarnish on the bridge where I rest my palm while playing (and now is all but gone). I can depend on this guitar as a player, but would never gig without a backup.


General Comments

I have been playing for over 25 years and have acoustics, strat and Les Paul copies and a modified Fender strat. I have no regrets in buying the guitar, which is the best PRS type I have seen for under 500 GBP, much better than PRS's own Far East versions (I know I tried a lot) and much prettier with its maple cap. I also looked at PRS type guitars by other companies (including Stagg and Vintage) and none came close. I just wish it had been available with chrome hardware. If it was stolen I would be very upset as I will never get another one with such an odd maple cap, but after I had finished crying I would start searching for something rather similar if not the exact model, I certainly recommend a look at this make of guitar which seem to be fantastic value. I love the feel of the instrument which is great for both rhythm and lead and very easy to play as far as bends and vibrato go (although I can play a lot faster on my strat). My favourite feature remains the well-designed heal. As mentioned above, apart from the hardware problem, a coil-splitter (that actually worked) would have been nice. My ideal instrument would have a lot of features found in this guitar (the set neck and one-piece bridge for example), but I find I can get greater versatility of sounds from a strat-type. PRS make my ideal guitar - its the 513, but I don't happen to have the 3,200 GBP needed. I think for the price (and even for more) this was as close as I could get. It was fantastic value - gets a lot of admiring looks and I would never sell this on.

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