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Sound Quality

There are two basic sounds you can get out of this: Distortion/Octave tones, and then, well, farts. Past 12 on the heavy, this thing... ah, read the other reviews, they describe it funnier. I'm using an Harmony Explorer into a small Peavey amp in my room, and a Fender Ultimate Chorus for shows. This pedal does have some noise to it, especially on the distortion end of the heavy knob, but if you bought this you wouldn't really be expecting some smooth, ultra-quiet overdrive. The distortion on this is the same as a Grunge, but the 2-octave down notes add some of the heaviest sounds I've ever FELT. I can get a lot sweet Tom Morello (RATM) sounds out of the distortion, and with heavy past 12, Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) all the way. Again, it's loud, raunchy, and crackling with noise, but I still give it a nine because it's FUN.


Ya, it's DOD, read any review, they just don't break. I would (have) gigged without a backup, but I use an adaptor, and don't know what the battery drain is like without one.

General Comments

I bought this pedal knowing how messed up it was, and so I'm completely satisfied. If you're looking into getting one, some advice: Try it out first, it's NOT just a distortion, it's very different than anything else out there. And it's certainly not for everyone That's why it get's a 5, it's about 50-50 love it or hate it. If it's not you, it'd get a 1. For someone like me, it's a ten. Also, buy one used to save money. The cheaper you get it, the more likely you will love it your money's worth. And don't let people rip you off just cause they're discontinued, they're still tons of them around. I got mine for $60 w/ almost no arguing. I would definitely buy it again, and even though it fills a very small niche, if you have that niche, this will do it for you. Plus, it's so different it'll get you creating, and that's a good thing.

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