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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Hot for a single coil but not the hotest pickup I've heard. Mr. Miller wrote a very good explanation of this pickup. [Tone] Pretty even but peaks at mid-range. [Sonic evaluation] I have too many amps to mention, it sounds like what it is with any amp. Don't expect a lot of shrill highs from this pickup. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] For Blues it's give a certain dirty sound that I like at times. Most pickups have their place in all music styles.



General Comments

[Comments] This is a good pickup but why shouldn't it be? Could there be an easier pickup to wind than a P-90? This thing will only sound 'right' in the bridge. It's a dirty sound, it's a crying tone, it's a P-90.

I have been playing Blues for 40 years. I've had many guitars with P-90s, it's my favorite pickup when I'm feeling dirty. There are no ideal pickups. I like rude sounds so I'm attracted to P-90s and hot mini-humbuckers. To own a Les Paul with P-90s is essential for me. When all those Blues want-to-be's show up to play with their Strats with Texas or any other hype pickup trying to play the blues, you'll blow them all away when you start bending and screaming notes from a L.P. with P-90s. These pickups have a personality unlike any other, and it isn't that Seymour and his serviceless staff made them, it's just a simple low tech ballsy, screamy pickup design that isn't for everybody. Some guys complain about these P-90s being noisy. I say life is noisy, music is noisy, why would anyone concerned about noise ever consider playing with a P-90? All those balless pickups; lipstick, Tele neck, Strat, stacked humbuckers, etc. will give you all the quiet you want. P-90s are for nasty people.



Reviewer's Background

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