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Gretsch Guitars G6120RHH Reverend Horton Heat

Sound Quality

i play mostly metal, rock, and blues, but it really holds up well for metal, i was able to get dimebag harmonics with the bigsby, dive bombs no problems. the only limitation is lifting up on the bigsby . if you go to far the spring will fall out. but learn where that limit is and you still can make peoples ears bleed. right now i run it trough a fender hot rod devile, and it kills. the guitar is super responsive , the sound has a clairity that pulls you into your own world. time and space are lost. it is also very quiet , the strings are alittle wider apart than the usual rock and metal guitar, witch enabels you to be even more quiet and clear. within ten minutes i knew that this guitar would be all that i ever need . it is very easy to play , and the neck is thin ,play it and watch your fingers fly. the sound is like melting velvet, and how can you put a price on that


it is ready for war, never go into anthing with out a back up.


General Comments

i have been playing for 11 years , i have a bc ritch bitch (dimebag autographed!!!), a 67 gibson sg witch is my back up.

if it were stolen i would be heart broken, it is a weedding gift, but it sounds so good (melting velvet).i would have to buy another.

i love everything about it , my favorite feature is the pickups they are evil and nice.

compared to other, i have never played it's equal! i chose this because i'm a fellow texan ,and it is the REVS GUITAR , if he puts out a blessing you better take it!

next i'd like to pair it with a krankenstien


Reviewer's Background

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