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epiphone Vintage G-400 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

The sound of this guitar is a major contrast to my "normal" sound, you see, I am a Mosrite fanatic. I own one '65 Ventures Model and if you know anything about those it's that they sound very bright, trebly, and the tones seem to chime. My other guitar is an Eastwood JR Elite (which is essentially a Ventures Mark II copy made to look like Johnny's) and it has a similar sound. I typically play through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe so you can imagine how my tone is one that could pierce tank armor. NOW, taking a look or rather a listen at this SG immediately indicates that I no longer have to ask "Where's the beef?" I've found the Beef, my friends, and now my belly hurts and I'll be backed up for days. This baby is chunky, rich, and certainly nothing to mess around with. I like having options now where I once insisted on ONE type of tone, now depending on how I'm feeling I can make your ears bleed or I can make your chest palpitate. The SG serving the latter. I may one day opt to swap the pickups out (i'd like to put P90's in it but then again, this humbucker thing isn't so bad after all)


This guitar will withstand live playing, no doubt in my mind. I am a very aggressive player, have played for 18 years now, and I ONLY play guitars that feel like they would only respond better the harder I wail on them. The hardware seems to have held up this long, let's try for another 14 years.

General Comments

To reiterate, I've played since I was 7 and now am 25 so it's been 18 years. I own (1) Mosrite '65 Ventures Model (red), (1) Eastwood JR Elite (white), (1) Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 40w 1x12 combo, (1) mid 70's Sunn Concert Bass head, and of course my 95 Samick (Epi) SG. There is nothing I wish I'd asked before trading for this guitar, the man who owns Kalamazoo Vintage Guitars was very cool and someone I could go toe to toe with on talking about gear.. I walked in, saw that SG hanging there and immediately knew that I didn't want to SELL my Strat, rather I wanted to negotiate a trade. And the man was very straight up about it. I walked out with my SG, and couldn't be happier about it. My favorite thing about it has to be its sustain! Never before have I had a guitar that sings, that just opens up and stays that way. This guitar fills that void in my life and then some. Cheers!

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