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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] It's stronger than most vintage p-90s. High output level. Curiously I don't have feedback problems, it works greatly in the Epi SG. Ceramic is great! [Tone] Certainly middy, crunchy, cleaner tham most singles I've ever heard, including the Gibson p-90 [Sonic evaluation] I made the option for a neck Seymour pickup in the bridge because the bridge DC value of 14.6 k looked too strong to balance with the 8 k Gibson. The Duncan in the bridge and the Gibson in the neck worked very good together, and curiously the natural singles hum is reduced when I have the both on. And now the distorted sounds are now great, really great, fat and punchy. My present set is Epi SG-400 -> Dunlop Cry Baby --> Yamaha Overdrive --> Danelectro Dan Echo --> (Brazilian) Palmer Modulo 40 tube combo with 2x12 speakers. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] I'm not really just the blues and jazz guy, and now I feel that my guitar won in versatility.Changing to the Custon Seymour Duncan in the bridge I can play from jazz to punk rock.



General Comments

[Comments] Yea, I love this pickup and if it were lost it I would look for another one. I love everything. Is it a litlle dirty? Yep, but for cleasiness you would buy a humbucker and not a P-90.



Reviewer's Background

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