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Sound Quality

I use a roland JASS 120 with much distortion and compression and used to have problems with noise and break up but with the GE-7 mod kit from (indyguitarist.com) my setup really thumps like a marshall stack witch I've had before. The mod took out all the noise even at high levels.I can get any sound I want now without worrying about noise witch is very hard to get when you play crunchy thumpy metal.


So far I've had no problems I am sure as long as I take care of it will work fine for many years. I will be using it at every gig that is for sure.

General Comments

I have been playing guitar for 20 years and never heard any eq pedal be so responsive and useful most are just noisy now I can play blues, jass, rock, metal,and everything else and get the sound I want.I have since tried almost all indyguitarist.com's Boss mod kits and this one is my favorite keep up the good work Brian some people you just can't please if they are not willing to work at getting great tone.

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