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Sound Quality

For guitar, of course, it sounds great. I also plug my Hofner Beatle bass into it and the sound is surpisingly good. The lows are a little muddy since it was designed for guitar instead of bass but it works for the sound I want, which is mainly an indie-rock psychedelic type of thing. I use the pitch shifter and some delay ans reverb while playing with a bow and it sounds like an entire orchestra backing us up. I have also tried it with my theremin and it sounds great there, too. In fact, I just purchased a second one on Ebay specifcally for use with the theremin. I would like it to have a bypass feature for a nice clean sound but I got around that by programming a blank patch at the beginning of each bank. There is a little bit of bakground noise but it is not too bad. especially for live playing.


I have used it without backup for over ten years at hundreds of gigs and recording sessions. It has only failed me twice. Once was when the battery finally gave out completely and, for some reason, I did not have the a/c adapter with me. The other time it was stepped on by a fellow band member 2 minutes before we went on. The remote was history and the a/c adapter input was shot. I had to replace the input and output jacks once but it has worked great ever since.

General Comments

I would definately replace it if it turned up missing.

I currently use the Zoom 9002, an antiquie Morley wah,and then a Zoom 508 Delay pedal for a little post-wah delay looping. The sound is mind-blowing.

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