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Dave Page--QLm5

Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

I use it with many different guitars, with the aforementioned power amp. The scratch has been replaced with likeable happy-tone due to my realization of my erroneous assumptions! It isn't nearly as noisy as some other rigs I play thru, and I am much happier with it since I took the time to reconfigure it properly. Mine doesn't pop on channel change like in another review I saw here. I use an Art X11 as a footcontroller, though sometimes I use its little brother. The effects are very passable, enough that I just use it with the power amp and a rack-mounted Korg tuner. The pitch (dumb as a stump, and I don't mean Joe!) and wah aren't quite "all that and a bag of chips", nonetheless good enough for workable use. The variac, pre/post EQ, and cab sim sections allow a wide tonal range, and the Reactance control is just effing wonderful with a tube power section! Any cab can be made to sound good! GA-GUNK! Metal-heads, take note! Most of the factory presets need Remedial Tone 101. Needs dialing of levels for live work. Going as light as possible on the compression and Hush is recommended. I dial in the base tone I want, then mix in the effects to my liking, then it's tweak time! It's all quite a bit easier to do on the fly than on my Digitech 2120. I prefer some things about the Digitech, some other things about the VV, but I'm more likely to be gigging with the VV, because I don't want to risk b0rking the "Barney Box". The extremely flexible preamp distortion modeling and tube response digital following are a little different than analog tube crunch (correct me if I'm Ron, but I think the tube is in the input buffer stage and one can get a similar result by running a tube mic pre into the front end of a Chameleon, unless perhaps it's there to give the digital pre a curve to follow...me not entirely sure), but I don't have much issue with this, because I run the power amp on the "brown" side of WFO and this works fine for me. It's really not much of a problem getting the sounds I like out of it, except for that "something extra" of old Fender Twin depth, but it's close enough for rock 'n' roll! I listen to and play a very wide variety of styles, and with a little tweaking, it's all right there in the box (who am I kidding! It's the guitars I use, they play themselves...couldn't be in the fingers...naah...couldn't be...)! I don't think any of the effects are "bad" per se: they're good enough that I'm considering throwing an Intellifex or Xpression in my main rack---it's all in how one decides to apply them. You can get good tones, and if you want to, some really stinky "tie rotting meat around your neck so the flies will come back" ones too---if that tickles the earlobes, more power to ya! I think if that was my aim, I'd have left it stuck to the Valvestate! In hindsight...this sounded like ass! Needless to say, I don't need any stomp-boxes with this rig. I'm rating it thusly because so far, I haven't quite yet approached the kind of clean or Texas grit tones I can get out of the 2120 or main rack (especially now that I've retubed the Twin Tube), but perhaps it's just me being noodgy and I should tweak it some more! Perhaps the ol' JJ magic may raise the bar a little. I haven't opened 'er up yet, but I suspect it's a Sovtek WA reliable piece of dry corn-flake in there running at low voltage. Overall, however, I am rather pleased!


It's been completely reliable since its purchase. I wish I could say the same about my initial setup idea WRT my expectations! I don't think I'd use it without a backup, but if I did, I wouldn't worry too much, it seems to be pretty road-worthy. I've gigged with it a few times (for a change of pace from my main rack), and it hasn't let me down.

General Comments

I play just about anything and everything except for gangsta rap, and I've been doing it for about 28 years, since I was a little nerdy, self-conscious, insecure beaner starting out on "Smoke On The Water" and "Iron Man" one-string melodies! I've grown quite a bit since then...(thank God!) For Pete's sake PLEASE don't make me list my other gear! I have major GAS pains! You should see my bass rig! It's a house-shaker! (I play a few different stringed instruments, although guitar is my main focus, and people tell me I can sing pretty well too, but I'm a little shy so I don't completely believe it...I'm also a halfway decent sound/recording tech...)I'll get around to reviewing the important bits and pieces in due time, I imagine! Four down so far---miles to go before I sleep...


I really, really like this site. Many of these gear reviews and other resources here have helped me add to my insights, and have helped me along with some tough choices, and I wholeheartedly thank those responsible for creating and maintaining Harmony Central! This Guinness (square meal in a bottle!)is raised in a toast for you good folks! May your strings never rust, your keys never stick, and your heads never split!


I think I've just about covered what I like/am not 100% satisfied with, so I'll not bore everyone with more disjointed ramblings about details, except to say that there isn't all too much about it that I DON'T like. It too gets hooked up to the 'pooter from time to time, because as with the 2120, it's a bit less time-consuming to have all the parameters available at a mouse-click.


If it got stolen or lost, please see my other reviews for appropriate guidelines...


Wishful things: Intelligent scalar pitch shifting. Two Motorola DSP's!More Fendery clean chime and "plonk"/Texas blues grit. Me try to fix the latter, first must wait until hammer lands from low orbit, or is shot down by Tricky Dick Cheney mistaking it for a Quayle, or a hunting partner.


I am really liking a lot of the tones that I can get out of this thing. I have a few one-trick studio ponies that give me more of the one specific sound I want, but I can't gig with all of them with all the different stuff I play---nobody would let me on stage around here, and I wouldn't have any room to stand, let alone for the drummer or bassist! I rely on my ear, my bandmates, and the audience to help me get the kind of noise I like. If it doesn't sound good to them, it likely won't sound good to me either and vice-versa! No showers of rotten vegetables yet...a few burned fingers on upheld cigarette lighters---I feel like I've jumped up a notch or two within the past couple of years. I suppose I'm doing SOMETHING right! Listening to others is important; a band is not a wank-fest or a swordfight, it's a communion!


I just wish I could find more people around here with similar experience and priorities, who would rather work at making things better than primp or pollute themselves! For some reason, it's usually the lead singers! Prolly why I never wanted to be one! Ah, well. Time wounds all heels, I suppose. I'll just keep plugging away, and hope for the best...

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