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Sound Quality

No noise. Just supersonic spacey brilliance. The finest thickener since corn starch. Mix 10:00 manual, 12:00 depth, and 10:00 rate with a high-pile chorus unit and the sound will be so thick you'll need a shovel to get to your amp. You've got to add distortion or overdrive to get get the patented jet-plane roar/ rotating speaker effect. Keep the rate turned down if you want to be able to distinguish complex progressions, it can get a little flakey. I run synths into this unit also and I can't begin to describe how it fattens the sound. Ultra-analogue phase and whirr. The MXR pedal is the only stomp box that comes close to the sound and it's a lot harder to find them used for cheap.


I bought the pedal used, and it doesn't look so hot, but it's a rock. I know everybody talks about how it eats batteries, (they're right), but it doesn't use any more juice than any other decent pedal.

General Comments

I've got two of these now and I plan on buying any more that I find for a reasonable price (read <$50US). Though if I were looking for a GREAT flange effect and I had a little more money, I'd shell out what it took to get a BF-2. If your unhappy with it, I'll take it off your hands.

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