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Sound Quality

Equipment is being used with a Jackson Dinky 2 (with Duncans configured: neck-sc; middle-sc; bridge-hb; 5-position pickup selector) and a Roland GR-707 Guitar-Synth (2 stock hb's, 3-position pickup selector). On ocasion, I'd put a Rickenbacker 4001 bass with active EMG's through it for effect with varied results. To me, the preamp is pretty good for the type of music I make, since it's not the extreme rock kind but slightly more towards classic rock. As said before by others, if you're looking for a Soldano, Buddha, Orange, etc. you won't find it here, neither will find those sounds for nu-metal. (or at least I haven't tried as per my musical needs). But the unit screams if properly zoned in. For the type of music I play and for most of what I hear (Beck, Clapton, Hendrix et al) plus some 80's-90's, It's an excellent preamp. Some people have said there's no good distortion out of it but IMHO it all depends on what you have. In my case more distortion with the Jackson, less with the Roland (probably because the 707 is been aged more and the other is kind of the new kid on the block). Direct to computer is pretty good and sounds real, not a distortion box, not an emulator. Be warned again, if you're after that "Chop Suey!" kind of sound, look somewhere else, or probably use something else along with it. The sound of this unit is quite articulate. Try Beck's rendition to "A Day In The Life" with a middle pickup strat, roll off the highs in the guitar just at the point where the tone knob sets in, with a OD2 with a 16-18 drive and you'll know what I'm talking about. Even if you do through headphones.


For a long time the unit went rock-solid, but being in a country where AC changes a lot, I suppose my unit suffered from a brown-out and the transformer gave in. It used to overheat anyways. Could use a backup, but they're so overpriced nowadays.

General Comments

I've played for as long as 20 years now, in & out because I mainly play bass and keyboards, but guitar to write.


Other stuff I own goes from a Rick 4001 bass to several keyboards, bass pedals, an Ovation Acoustic, and the unevitable DAW.


Oh, yea I would bleed to death if it was stolen. Now I'm so sad since it's broken, my friends think my girlfriend left me or something like that. I'm desperate for fixing it.


Maybe what I like the most of this unit is absolutely brilliant. At least to me. I would not compare to others because other brands and makes are different.


I'm giving here a 9 alghough my unit is broken and Marshall haven't responded and I haven't found a person who can repair it yet (for a reasonable price) or someone who can sell spare parts. I still love this unit, I don't want to let it die.

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