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Sound Quality

Sound on this is, shall we say subltle. It is not the thick, flowery chorus of, say, a Boss CE pedal, but it can give some extreme warbly effects, that's not to be confuse with a swiring effect. I have tried this pedal before the distortion, as well as after, and it is far better suited to thicken and "stereo up" a mono guitar signal after the distortion. I use mine as a stereo input to my Behringer EM600 Echo Machine (Line6 Echo Park clone). As I stated, it really shines after the distortion and with the "Hi Exp" knob, you can add in more brightness to the signal which works well if you have a distortion that sapps some of the highs from your chain. However, if you have a distortion like the DOD FX57 Hard Rock Distortion, it can only do so much. I set the Level prety high (2/3 or higher) and the Speed on the low-medium side, the Depth I set is on the high-medium side and this pedal give a thick enough sound with a little phasing or flanging going on there. I don't have a stereo setup anymore, so you will want to drop the Depth and Level a little for use in stereo. If you crank the Depth all the way up, you get this interesting warble from it, kinda nice, kinda weird, not very usefull, but you choose. On a clean setting, it won't give you that "12-string jangle" type of sound, but still a nice sound anyway. If you are looking for an "in-your-face" chorus effect, look elsewhere, but if subtle is your game, this one may work.


Well, it is a DOD... Not a USA made unit, but solid just the same. It should hold up well under normal-heavy usage, like I said, it's a DOD. They just don't make em like they used to.

General Comments

My choice of music is primarilly Classic Rock (Rush, Boston, Cheap Trick, etc) with a bit of Metal thrown in (Judas Priest, Metallica). I have been playing for a long time, however, I am not the greatest nor am I the best judge of tone. To be honest, this pedal is nice, but not the "be-all-to-end-all" of choruses... remember... subtle.

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