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DOD FX64 Ice Box Stereo Chorus

Sound Quality

I run various guitars thru DOD GFX-70> Crybaby> DOD Icebox> Line 6 MM-4> Line 6 Echo Park> Mesa Single Recto> Marshall 1965b cab. I have to be honest, you cannot get a really lush chorus from this pedal. It gets better if you run a stereo setup, but is very weak in a mono application. Which, funny enough, is where I found use for it! I have this pedal on 80% of the time and use it for a bit of depth vs. a true chorus sound. The MM-4 has better chorus options, so I use this more like you would reverb on an amp. It just adds a bit of ambience to the sound. If you are looking for a true chorus effect, look elsewhere.


Had it for years with no problems and it gets used live and in practice constantly.

General Comments

I play a variety of guitars and play all kinds of music in a rock cover band. I use this pedal strictly as a way to thicken up my tone, and NOT as a true chorus. No matter how far you turn the knobs, you can not get true chorus out of this pedal. I use the Line 6 MM-4 for that. So if you want to add lush layers of chorus look elsewhere. If, however, you want to add a little dimension to your sound at a low cost, buy it.

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