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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Hmmmm This pedal is very much loved right there. I don't totally share this opinion, but I don't gig live so much hence you should probably not listen to my opinion. I mostly record in studio sessions, and that's a very different world. I don't know how the original bad monkey sounds like, just got this modded one. It got load of bass, just try it to imagine how much, and very few mids and absolutely no trebbles, wherever the 'treb' pot is. Comparing it to my older Boss SD1, you have to choose between 2 different worlds. A treebly, no bass, dirty Boss on one side, or a warmfull bass, and bass, and bass again for the Bad Monkey. 7 might look an heresy on that forum, where I have already posted so many 10's reviews, but it reflects my mind after 2 days playing with it.


Those Digitech stomp boxes are so HEAVY - much more than any boss. Does the weight means reliable ? I think even a tank can walk over, it will still work. Got some Ibanez with the pots going inside/out when pushed. This one seems so muuuchhh reliaaableeee.

General Comments

I have to play a bit more with it. I use it in front of my peavey classic 50-410, full tube amp, 4 x 10" speakers, using my favourite Ibanez "talman TM71" guitar (low cost but incredible). Also played it with a strat 89 US / lace sensor and a telecaster 77, but same issues. Indeed the right & only way to make it shine is as a booster for the tube preamp.

At low / studioo recording levels, you might be disapointed. This is a truely "pro" stomp box, dont think you will get its best at bedromm levels. But I have to experiment more for gigs, where it seems to shine.


This said, I will probably be fired by further posts from pros who find it is "so much transparent". OK, but try a SD1 before bying it, if you play at bedroom levels.

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