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Hi Guys,

I'm hunting for my sound and I came across the Korg 1000G. I heard a great deal about it and the ratings at HC never went below 7. I went to the shop and tested the unit. I spent 2 hours with it and I left the place with digital paranoia and the feeling of nausea. The unit sucked big time and I feel it is an attempt by a keyboard manufacturer to fool the guitarist just by the size of it. If it's big and expensive then it must be good. I didn't fall for it.


First thing that decides the quality of sound in today's processors is the sampling frequency and the Analog/Digital-D/A conversion rate. Individual effects sound good as they are Analog all the way. The skimpy 8 page leaflet made no mention of this(Korg trying to hide something?) CD's are sampled at 48 Khz at 16-bit and the new recording format from Sony samples at 24-bit, 96 Khz. Zoom and Digitech mentions this and even the DSP used. Would you buy a PC without knowing which Chip is in the box?


I was looking for something to create new distortions + Compresssor. Coupled with a good Wah plus a few fancy ones like phaser, Chorus etc and a PCM Drummer. Nothing sounds close to any amp mentions instead it sounds like a keyboard distortions. Tried many guitars and amps but all I could hear was digital sound. The distortions were buzzy and farty.SUSTAIN???. The Vox-wah had no effect with distortion. The Cabinet emulator is a waste. But mainly the parameters were limited only to gain and EQ. The knobs had lights which went on and off like an electronic dice. Tuner didn't give unusual tunings. Pedal was good but you hit the bottom soon enough like any processor. Nothing like the Cry Baby feel. The presets give some flangey, echoey and repeated sounds. You sound like in a cave but who wants that reverb. These sounds might be useful to emulate Steve Vai but how many can play half as good as him.


What was Korg trying to achieve here? The 1G is great and sounds better than the 1000G. The cabinet resonator is better than the big brother's. Only the 1000g has direct access to the effects and a better pedal. But no way I'm gonna pay twice the price for something that sounds the same. I'm happy to push small buttons and program my own sound. Look what digitech and Zoom have to offer. The Zoom GFX-8 can hook up to the PC and one can create own distortions with frequency curves. There are 3-4 unique parameters for each effect. The RP100 is a small devil(cheap) and coupled with a crybaby or a Vox should go great. Atleast you know what is the sampling frequency.I just hope Korg gets it right with the 100G. My choices for now are Rp100, RP2000, AX100g, Gfx-8 or even the Gfx-707. But I'll test them thoroughly before making up my my mind. I won't be fooled by the appearence, I'll just use my ears. These models still haven't arrived in India.


I'm not a pessimist but I just wrote what I know and felt about a product. There may be many who swear by The 1000G but I'm not convinced and still looking for that sound. I feel Half your sound and 90% of your Tone lies with your guitar. Can you sound like Satriani/Vai on a Les Paul or like Mark Knofler with your Ibanez. You can but each guitar is unique and the directions they're headed is different.

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