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Sound Quality

My setup is a Godin Freeway-4 Bass --> SWR LA15 100w. I put the Chorus in the chain with several other effects, and my other effects constantly switch. I really like the sound of this chorus. My only complaint is that even though it's deep and thick and very rich, it doesn't do any really slow speeds. Other than that, it's pretty nice. If you turn up the delay time and depth, and tweak the speed to the song tempo, you can get a neat vibrato effect. When I first fixed the thing and fired it up, I heard a back-and-forth sweeping sound in the background when I didn't play. If you get this sound, simply take the pedal apart and reroute the the input and output jack wires to get them away from the LFO section of the circuitboard.


I bought it broken at a pawn shop for $10 USD, but the only problem was a bad solder joint on the input jack. The switch is the only thing I'd worry about...DOD didn't come up with the best switching system. Other than that, it's a diecast case, and I retouched all the solder joints and neatly ziptied the wires away from the circuitboard. I have a CE-20 which I also use and can be used as a backup, but it tends to be less rich than the DOD.

General Comments

I play a lot of stuff for a lot of different people, and I've been playing for 5 years now. For the ten bucks I paid, I'm definitely going to keep this sucker around. If it's stolen, I'm not going to get it again...I can survive with my CE-20.


The pros:


Very rich, very easy to get a good sound.


The cons:


Not a very wide range of speed, doesn't cover bass frequencies (below a C on the third fret of the A string, it's not very strong...but I am playing on a bass, and they do have an FX65-B).

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