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Sound Quality

I've used so many Flangers in my day that if I kept them all, I could have built a house. However, never using a BOSS, this was a first. The second I blamped that stompbox, God himself screamed through my Marshall. This thing simply ROCKS! The unit has an enormous range of width on the sweep, and the effect itself is very effective and natural. The "swooshing" actually effected the tone (as it should) and mixed perfectly and well balanced; as opposed to the many other flangers that sound as though the signal runs over a fake, obnoxious "wanna-be-jetsound". The sound from this unit could make you dizzy, as it is very convincing and CLEAN. No hissing, no "sucking" away of tone, and no background, high end swooshing that make other units sound like tin cans. The *only* slight byproduct of the effect was the distant flanging in the background during moments of non-playing. But then again, it's what almost every flanger does. If you want a FLAWLESS sound, then what the hell are you doing reading about floor pedals anyway?


If it were to be a bet on who would survive first in the molten tub of iron, The Terminator or a BOSS box, I'd actually put my money on BOSS. It's a friggin' tank.

General Comments

Are you kidding? This is by far the best sounding Flanger I've hear, be it floor pedals or rackgear. With a delay stuck after it, I've finally acheived the Peter Frampton/Dave Navarro sound I previously spent $xxxx.xx on. If it were to be stolen/busted/etc. I'd have my ass at the nearest dealer the next day.

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