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Sound Quality

It's the difference between masturbation and the real thing! This unit is so killer, and why anyone wouldn't need one is beyond me. It's priced so under what it does to your sound. Listen to an album on a shitty turntable, then plug in a CD into a kick-ass stereo and you'll get a small idea of the sound quality with or without one. I'll ALWAYS keep mine, and will not play without one. The concept of "taking the pillows off your speakers" is probably best. The sound enhancement is so awesome and undescribable that it's almost like trying to explain how an orange tastes in a letter- listen for yourself and unless your deaf, you'll be sold.


Had it for 5 years and never burped once. And I would (and did) use it without a backup w/out any worry of failure.

General Comments

For any of you who have gear that you like, but are having problems either achieving a "good" sound, or trying to get that "tone from heaven", don't waste your time trying out an EQ, buying a new amp, or thinking that effect, pickups, microphones, etc. Try one of these. I'll bet you'd find that this unit fixes any problem you've faced, and then some. It's the ONLY unit that I'd suggest as a "must have" to guitarists, bass players, singers, studioheads, or anyone. Nomatter your style of music, how long you've played- it don't matter. If your searching for that sound you hear in your head, look no more. This baby is as important as a lung or heart- and unless you have one, you can't phathom what your missing. If I were ever to loose mine I'd have another one the next day. The only thing this unit doesn't have is a fridge for bear and a stage for the stippers. Other than that, this unit comes straight from the ears of God himself.

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