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Sound Quality

Simply killer! I have never been impressed with rackmount or the fancy delays, as they sound too "perfect" for my tastes. I've always loved the sounds that players like Dave Navarro got from simple stomp-box delays. I like the slightly distorted mix between the direct signal and the delayed signal. The sounds achieved with this are fantastic and reach far beyond what I wanted. The unit is very quiet and doesn't suck tone from the instrument. Doesn't clip, and won't "hickup" or "burb" when high tones are squeezed into it. My only complaint is that I would have like to acheived a more "kettle drum" effect when using short delay times with high feedback settings. This effect can be achieved, but not as convincing as on more flexable units.


A metal box. An effective footswitch. Secure knobs and pots. Hell, what more could you ask for? But, my battery contacts ripped out after a days use. But, anything that has had a battery in and out of it for years is bound to fail sometime. I use an AC Adapter now anyways, so personally, I could have cared less.

General Comments

I'll be buying another one. I'd never waste my money on an elaborate rack unit, as you can nearly achieve the same sounds with this $60.00 pedal.

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