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Sound Quality

This is a monster- and not in the good sense. I run a Les Paul into a JCM-900, and with the pedal on, it sounded like my amp went from "balls" to "pussy"! I used a crapload of effects, and depend on them for my sound. Being bigtime into guitarist that use effects (Dave Navarro, Jeff Beck, Rage ATM, etc) this pedal just blew! Bearing in mind I finally did away with rackmount gear, I wanted to return to the rawer, more in-your-face effect- and direct floor effects are the only ticket for that. I've really dug all the BOSS pedals so far, and didn't think DOD would be too far off the mark. However, once I plugged this in, I remembered why years ago I disliked DOD. The bottom end-- GONE! The high end-- SICKENING! The unit was bigtime noisy, and was more of an earsore than anything. Even with the unit off, it seemed to suck tone out of my guitar. I really don't know what application this pedal has since the sound out of it was pure garbage!


Sure- it's metal, solid, and dependable. I'd gladly throw it out of a plane, and sadly it would probably still deliver the same, crappy sound.

General Comments

If your looking for an in-your-face, dynamic sound that will ooh-ah folks, don't waste your time. However, if your looking for a fantastic doorstop or bookstop, this pedal is for you!

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