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Sound Quality

There's a lot of incredible really good sounds: very impressive distortions, a good section for crunchy sound, bright clean, excellent effects like reverb, chorus, flanger etc...and you can always choose the level of warm and harmonic richness, with the help of a powerful 12ax7 valve preamplification tube-section. I have an Ibanez 77bfp, two Ibanez Rg Series, one Peavey Wolfgang, a lot of Fender Stratocaster american and mexican, and I use Laney and Carvin amplification. I used my setup with Art Sgx 2000 and it was very easy to have distortions in Vai, Satriani or Van Halen's style. Ok!


This unit has a good reliability, very strong and impossible to destroy! I have the same battery from the beginning and I never had problems with the memory.

General Comments

I'm a rocker, I love Vai, Satriani, Van Halen, Howe, Malmsteen...and this unit is perfect for me. I begin to play when I was 13, an now I'm 30. I like the possibility to use the digital section for the effects and the analog tube-preamplifier section only to add warm and harmonics. I like it much more than Rocktron or Digitech effects preamplifier. As everyone knows, this unit is the best one that ART has ever made. If it were stolen or lost, I would buy it again and again. I use it for live exhibitions and studio recording.


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