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Sound Quality

Well, it didn't really effect my sound much-- or at all for that matter. It wasn't noisy, and it didn't change my tone. However, then the levels cranked, I was able to obtain a high-end compressed sound, and cranked in the other direction, able to acheive a low end boost and high end limiting. As far as enhancing anything, I wouldn't say it did. Assuming this pedal is a poor mans version of a Sonic Maximizer or Aural Exciter, I'd say save your money for something that has a dramatic effect. Bearing in mind I run through a Marshall JCM-900 SL-X (no clean channel), it didn't effect my punch or crunch whatsoever.


Typical tank, Typical Boss.

General Comments

I'm sure for Bass, vocals, and other guitar applications this pedal would shine much more. It's just that my current rig didn't get effected. So for me to give it a good or a bad rating could be misleading. I imagine it's one of those pedals that will either work for you, or not.

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