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Sound Quality

I play a Yamaha Pacifica through a Vox Wah and a Prescription Electronics Yardbox (shoulda been $130, I got it for $50!!!), into an Ampeg Reverberocket 212. It sounds very good. The chorus crisps up my sound with the single coils, and shimmers with the humbucker. I found that by turning down the delay and speed all the way and turning up the depth all the way, you could get a cool flanging sound!!! Also, by turning up the speed all the way on almost any setting, it produces a nice Leslie-type sound. It also has the stereo output (two jacks), which I haven't used yet. One gripe: when I use my single coils, and I'm not playing, you can here the swirling the effect creates through the amp. Can't win em all though...


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....THIS PEDAL SUCKS FOR RELIABILITY!!! ALL DOD PEDALS SUCK FOR RELIABILITY!!!! I had a Dod fx-55b supra distortion (which sounded horrible), and after a few months of playing, the damn switch wouldn't work. Only if I slammed my foot down on just the right place would the effect switch on... then it would be a bitch to switch off. I took it into my local music shop, and they kept it and had it fixed for two weeks... at which point it came back working. For a time. A month later the damn pedal did the same thing all over again. About this time I got the FX-65. Like the supra distortion, it worked fine for a few months, then it went on the fritz. AAAAAAHHHHH!! I thought: screw it, I'm gonna fix this myself. So I took off the plastic footswitch. Big mistake. I can't get it back on, because the stupid allen bolts go into these stupid springs that keep moving around. I tried to take the whole pedal apart to see what I could do, but I have yet to succeed taking it apart. Why can't Dod make things easy? All I have to do to get inside my Yardbox is take off the back, and all the components are easily within reach. If any Dod reps are reading this, YOUR PEDALS SUCK. THE FOOTSWITCHES SUCK. REPLACE THEM WITH SIMPLE DPDT STOMP SWITCHES. MAKE EVERYONE'S LIFE F*CKING EASIER.

General Comments

Don't get my wrong, the chorus sounds good. It's easy to use, and has seemingly nice features. The thing that breaks this pedal is the reliability, or lack thereof. If it was stolen, I would find the fool that stole it and laugh at him, cause he'll be so pissed off with the pedal. If I were to buy a chorus again (which I probably won't) I would invest the extra $20 or so to get a QUALITY Boss pedal that will last my forever. Which is more important: a cheaper pedal that will only piss you off, or a more expensive pedal that lasts? You decide.

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