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Sound Quality

Currently, I am using this pedal with a Warmoth Strat with low output Fender '54 single coils into a: Dunlop Crybaby Wah, TubeWorks BlueTube Overdrive, and this DOD chorus. My amp is a mid seventies "silverface" Bassman 50 into a closed back Ampeg 2x12 and a home made 2x12 cab with Celestion Vintage 30s. It is not noisy with my setup, neither at home or live. But turning up the delay time knob past 12 o'clock does make the pedal make some strange electrical swirling noises that are not audible live but are audible in headphones. This pedal has a subtle chorus sound. It isn't as prominent an effect as the Boss CE-5 or super chorus. Therefore, during live playing it isn't as noticeable as the Boss's pedals. It does boost the treble frequencies a bit when the effect is engaged. I can find many different sounds, ranging from a barely noticeable chorus to a thick chorus with a turn of the delay time knob. But the effect isn't as "forward" as a Boss chorus. It has stereo outs and can produce an uncolored wide stereo seperation with two amps with the speed and depth controls at 0 and the delay time at 100%. I have had this unit for so long that it has become my basis for a decent chorus sound, and therefore I may biased. Compared to Danelectro and Boss's offerings, it is a very subtle effect. It doesn't have a true bypass but I cannot notice a difference.


Seeing that I have used it in every gig for the past 10 years without a single problem, I can rely on it. It's seen about 100 gigs. If it ever fails, I will simply take it out of my chain.

General Comments

I have been playing the guitar professionally off and on for about 3 years. It pays for graduate school. My style has changed a bit over the last 14 years of playing. At first it was heavy metal, and more recently I am playing mellow stuff, and some dub, reggae styles with a couple of bands on the east coast. I have even got into some electronica-trip-hop ambient music and this pedal has fit the bill for this long. It is very reliable and seems to fit every style of music. It's sound has grown on me over the years. I have seen some "boutique" pedals that other guitarists have had and was impressed but in the long run stuck to the versatility of this pedal. I've bought and sold plenty of effect pedals, some digital racks, and some floor based muti-effects, but this one seems not to get sold. Wow, I just realized that I have had this thing longer than any musical instrument or accessory other than my hand me down Martin.

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