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Sound Quality

I play folk/rock/blues/new country. At 53 I've been playing since 1961. When plugged into an old fender M-80 with celestions I have to set the volume on the clean channel to 1. I also have an 88 anniversary Ovation and the Peal is much more responsive. It could be due to the change in technology since 88. Response seems to be even across the spectrum. Intonation is correct. From crisp highs to dull lows this guitar delivers.


This thing is solid as a tank. It has chrome tuners. Gold always looks bad over time (I also have a 1992 40th aniversary Les Paul with gold hardware). The finish appears to be some type of durable clear polyurethane. I've only had this thing a couple of weeks but it seems very durable. Maybe not, if I keep playing it 3 to 5 hours a day! :>)


General Comments

I have already discussed my profile and other instruments. I would absolutely reorder tomorrow if something happened to this guitar. The size is just right. The body is not so thick that I have to "reach" around it. With the 23rd fret actually over the sound hole the first position is easily reached. I do not wish I had bought another brand accoustic-electric. I can think of no features it lacks. After recently purchasing a Schecter C-1 Elite I decided to search the net for other Korean made guitars with a lot of "bang for the buck." As far as I know Peal guitars are not sold in stores. I'm set for years to come. Look on E-bay for the Paul and the Vation! I do not own or otherwise have financial intrests in guitarimports.com or Peal guitars but wish I did. Maybe they will go public! I will not add my email address since the only one I have is at work and I must work when I am there to afford these toys. I did however squeeze in the review. Other reviews? I will check back periodically.

Reviewer's Background

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