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Jonathan Wong

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I play through my faithful G&L Legacy into this little combo. Initially, I was quite pleased with the wide range of tones I could emulate. My passion remains in the Blues, so if you can imagine, I highly value the ability to overdrive a tube amp at certain times, and still fall back on clean tones by rolling back on the volume of my guitar. Nevertheless, during live settings, (though a lot of our original works are Blues orientated) we do a variety of covers, ranging from Beatles, U2, to Foofighters and Bon Jovi. I must say, the distortion tones of the UK Modern and so on are very satisfactory. However, having this as my main amp for the last 7 months, I found that the cleans were less than impressive. First and foremost, in my experience, This amp does not behave like a tube amp. But hey, it's a transtube, so perhaps I shouldn't have expected that. On settings such as the Tweed 4x10 or AC30TB, I can get decently light overdrive tones (which is what I am aiming for), however, when I roll off on my guitar's volume to clean up the signal, the tone responds very strangely. It drops in volume, but it also gets fuzzy. Furthermore, and this is my biggest gripe, is that when I pick or strum, this fuzzy tone peaks in volume, and levels off instantly. Thus revealing the artificial nature of this otherwise very convincing amp. It is extremely annoying, and in my considered opinion, for this scenario alone, it sounds like garbage. The other tones, when I don't fiddle with my volume, are decent. As for the effects, there are a lot of them, but I limit myself to the reverb, as I still rely on my pedals. I find some of them to be a little cold and digital, however, still usable. (except the flanger, or phaser. However, if that's your thing, it's there for your disposal). One last thing, there have been some complaints about the cooling fan being too loud. There IS a fan in my amp, however, it doesn't bother. Perhaps I got lucky, but I don't even notice it unless I try to. In any case, I figure I'm simply trading that tubewarmth hum for a cold-digi fan.


I mainly use this at restaurant bars, however, I do use it for my worship team at church on occasion (but I mainly play my acoustic with them). This little one has never failed me yet, in my 7 months.

General Comments

Practically speaking, the audience won't be able to tell the difference between analogue and digital, and considering the variety of styles that my band and I play, this little one has served me quite well. It's small and lightweight, and is A LOT more convenient to lug around as opposed to a 90lb Bluesbreaker... But... that as it may be, it is my only amp for the time being, and I truly miss having a tube amp.


I like to name my guitars and amps, but I have trouble for this guy, even after 7 months. Despite it's versatility, it lacks personality. It is very practical, but I would not buy it again.

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