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Sound Quality

well, when I first got it, I was pretty happy with the cleans and totally bummed about the distortion voicings. It was a complete fizztastrophe, just buzzy tone. not bad at break-up, but pushing it into high gain was just horrible. The worst aspects of hotrodded late 80s marshall top end sizzle. I also noticed that in the clean and the dirty channels, the dynamics just suck. So I retubed it. It had sovteks in it which I swapped for a set of JJs, which made all the difference. It's still voiced in that hotrod marshall way, but the fizz is gone. It's never gonna do the non-diode clipping, smooth liquid gain thing, but it actually sounds pretty good now. I can get rootsy breakup on up to some great metal sounds now, and it's got a lot of clarity when you play chords with the gain cranked. goody! the cleans are pretty good, but like I said earlier, the dynamics suck. new tubes won't change that. oh well. we all know that the noise gate is horrible. the tremelo is great. the chorus is serviceable, though it's no small clone. I actually prefer my dano fab chorus, which is a surprisingly good chorus at any price... anyway, I don't use the wah, so no opinion there. I don't use the compressor either. The EQ is good. before the retubing, I'd give it a 2 for the dirty channels, but now it's about an 8. A little noisy, but I don't usually play at super saturation so no biggie. the cleans get about an 8 also. this is because of the shitty dynamics, like there's always a compressor on it that you can't turn off...


yes and yes. it's a solid piece of work.

General Comments

what style of music do I play... man, what don't I play? that's why I opted to get this amp, I need the many many channels and many many settings. I can't get a santana sound or a good black metal sound out of it, but pretty much everything else is in there if you dig deep enough.

If it got ripped off, I may replace it, or maybe go for the triaxis. one nice thing about it is that even though there's no reverb, the sound it puts out doesn't need it. If I could change it, I'd add a tube or 2 and chuck the diode clipping altogether, although it's pretty good sounding as is. I'd definitely do something about the lack of dynamics you get out of it. it's definitely worth the money you pay for one.

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