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Sound Quality

I play this guitar alone or through a Fender Acoustasonic Jr. It is the best sounding acoustic guitar I've ever heard and plays better than any other acoustic I've ever played. I have owned four other Taylors, a Martin D-28, and a '66 Gibson L-1. I have played Martin D-18s, D-41s, Gibson J-45s, Hummingbirds, Doves, Everly Bros., etc. and a few Guilds and Gretchs, Laravees, Collins, Santa Cruz, you name it. Nothing comes close to this. I played every guitar in the shop the day I bought this, including guitars that sold for over four grand. This was the best one by a good quantum leap or two.


I have played a live gig with this but I usually play it at home and for recording. You could gig with it, it is reliable, but this is such a rarity, I'd gig with something I could replace easily.

General Comments

I have been playing for 28 years. I have another Taylor 412-CE, a couple of teles, a couple of strats, a Fender Sub-sonic, a MusicMan Silhouette, A PRS Signature, a Rick 330 and a 370/12. If lost or stolen I'd contract w/ Taylor to make as close to an identical one as they could. I'd also hire Boston Blackie, Sam Spade, Mike Hammer, The Thin Man, and 007 to hunt down and slowly kill the SOB who stole it. This is the best guitar I've ever played, period.

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