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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Very hot. Don't expect a very clear sound when you play clean. [Tone] Very well balanced. Tight bass, clear highs [Sonic evaluation] A very good pickup if you don't mind the goofy look of the massive pole pieces and dumb name. You WILL get a good and dirty tone with this PU no matter how you twiddle your knobs. If you want a transparent clean sound though, this can't give it to you - you'll need another PU to get it. This is not purely a pickup for shredders though. The tone is much closer to the sound of Malcom Young than Joe Satriani. There's a lot of tonal coloration going on here. Your bass will be a little punchier, your midrange a little smoother. Since my guitar's sustain isn't that great to begin with, I can't really evaluate how the invader effects that aspect of my sound, except to say that it certainly doesn't make matters any worse. This pickup can also be split, and sounds very good when tapped. Volume levels do not change appreciably between settings. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] Country is OUT. And Jazz isn't really an option either. Not that you were considering this baby anyway, right?



General Comments


Yep. Considering the fact that my Ibanez isn't

exactly a PRS, it gives me a good sound, very

close to what I'm looking for.


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