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Sound Quality

The bullet I have looks like a little telecaster. It has two single coils and a metal pick guard that incorporates the bridge. Regardless of where the guitar was made, it plays and sounds great. The neck is smooth and fast, and the pickups sound clear and a little fatter than you might expect. I'm happy with it. It makes a great practice guitar or back up instrument.


I think the guitar will last, and I wouldn't hesitate to depend upon it. Who knows where it came from. But whoever made it did a good job. I don't think I'd use it as my primary instrument, but that's only because of the size. It's a good guitar.

General Comments

If you see one for a good price, buy it. If it says, "made in usa" on the headstock, then that's probably better for resale purposes. But if you just want to play the thing, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one that doesn't actually say where it was made.

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