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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

OK, now for all of you people who really want to know what this thing sounds like, LOOK HERE. I'm not overbashing or overpraising. The cleans are OK. They are totally usable, but they are by no means Vox or Fender. That's ok though because I use a fender as well... If this thing had the JCM 2000's clean it would be unbeatable... The distortion is where this thing really kicks major ass!! OD2 is great for solos - midrangey. OD1 is simply the most awesome heavy distortion I have ever heard. When run through a tube poweramp that is... Whoever said it lacks gain is crazy. This thing sustains for days! Not muddy but not shrill. Just full and warm and HEAVY. Great for bluesy solos too. If you play hard rock or metal you need this preamp. Buy a fender or a POD pro emulating a fender or vox for your cleans. You'll be in heaven.


Like a tank. Good thing too because Korg's service sucks.

General Comments

Great preamp. Costs a crapload less than a TriAxis, which is also awesome, just different. I prefer the distortion on this unit a lot more. Use a different amp for cleans. Can't beat it for the price, and it's reliable. Just be sure to use a tube power amp.

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