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Sound Quality

Slightly noisy at treble position, but all wah's are. Contains the original crybaby (high), mid-high, Jimi Hendrix (mid), and a mid low mode. The mid low mode is way low when the peddle is all the way up. I like the three first better. I have played a morley and this one is so much better. The boost is variable from 0 to 11 db and is switchable by a button on the side. A very versatile wah.


The boost button seems very fragile (a thin plastic switch). The potentiometer will be a problem in the future. I'm sure it will start scratching with time. Other than that, the pedal is to last forever.

General Comments

I would buy it again for the price I paid (I got the Chrome one, that retails for about $240). Probably not as classic sounding as the VOX wah, but defenitly more versatile (plus it accepts an AC adapter), and looks as good.

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