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Sound Quality

I owned one of these pups way back in the early 80's that was installed into a cheap LP copy guitar. The guitar was sh#t but that pup made even the cheapest of amps roar to life when plugged in and turned up. It would also give the sweetest controlled feedback of any pup I've ever owned and I've owned quite a few. This pup is exactly like that one. The sound is just amazing and the sustain is awesome! The full on 10 setting is a really crunchy distortion but still delivers most of the notes individual tones without a muddy mess. Roll back the volume pot a little and you can clean up quite nicely without fiddling with the amp although having a good pot will prove this. I don't really use the bridge pickup of any guitar clean as it is way too bright and there is no warmth behind it so I won't say much for this thing in that regard. Use a PAF in the neck or Blue Velvet if you have single coils for a nice clean sound. In fact this pickup might be too hot for the neck anyways so leave it in the bridge. I play classic rock mostly all the way into the 90's and controlling the volume on the guitar will get you all kinds of different sounds that are close to all of the music in that period. I'm a dad that works out of the house these days so no big amps anymore but I do play through a Peavey Express 112 and this pup sounds good through that thing so it will sound good through almost anything. I'd have to say the overall tone is mostly mids with a lesser extent highs. The bass output is low although that could be fixed with some sort of eq'ing at the board level or maybe one of those eq pedals. That's one of the few pedals I've never had so couldn't say.


General Comments

I dunno if I would buy a new one since the "new" one I purchased a few years back was somehow a little less than this particular one but I might. I like classic parts if I am going to do any rework.


I have been playing for almost 30 years now and have had all sorts of gear, Marshal's, Kustom's, Fender's, a few lesser amps like Crate and Peavey, all kinds of guitars LP's, Strats, a few Tele's, Charvelles, Jackson's, Rickenbacker's, and a swarm of pedals too numerous to mention. These days, I keep it simple. I have a 1990 Peavey Express 112, an Ibanez RG320QS for the most part, and a BOSS chorus ensemble. The Frankenstrat is down because I am out of funds for a new neck but will become my main guitar once finished.

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