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Electro-Harmonix Classics USA Big Muff PI Distortion / Sustainer Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

My setup is: Gretsch Corvette - crybaby wah - Digitech whammy - Digitech Bad monkey - Big Muff - Boss dd-6 - tuner - laney Lv200 It seems to make no noise when not on though as soon as it is on its untameable shrieking into feedback the instant you stop playing, all apart of it's charm! I generally go all out with this pedal with volume and sustain at max wiht tone leaning slightly to the treble side and on the bridge pickup this thing sounds amazing. Forget the neck as its just gets too muddy to do anything except solos above the 12th fret. this is remedied though by simply using it in conjunction wiht an overdrive pedal like a tubescreamer or my bad monkey. This boosts and cleans it up to a much more usuable level. You can setainly see why this pedal is used by everyone form jack white to billy corgan, it's just a powerhouse.


I feel this pedal if left alone would perform admirably at a gig and i would use it without a backup wihtout a second thought. Unfortunately i couldn't leave it alone. I decided to replace the power scket wiht a boss type one so that it could work wiht my daisy chain. Worked fine for a while and it was a very easy operation. then its started to crackle and i traced the problem to the solid core wire connecting the circuitry to the footswitch. This stuff cannot take much damage and wiht the slight movement it had incurred whilst I worked on the pedal it had broken. Simply fixed and now works fine but i thought i'd just warn anyone considering working on one of these.

General Comments

I play mostly bluesy or garagey music. Think the birthday party or black keys and for this style of music its fantastic. In fact any style where you just want to level the floor in a single step then this pedal is for you, unless you play jazz...

I've been playing for a bout 4 years and including the above i have a fender jazzmaster and a washburn hb-32 semi set up for slide.

I would certainly buyone of these again thoug i'd be interested in trying the deluxe wiht a built in compressor.

It seems to be the only reasonably priced fuzz on the market that has any prestige or makes any sense. I tried out the new boss fuzz pedal and though that was more versatile it was digita so comes no where near this.

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