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Digital Music Corp GCX Guitar Audio Switcher

Sound Quality

I would have to say that this thing actually IMPROVES your sound quality. think of it this way.. you use a ton of vintage effects that most aren't equipped with true bypass. even if you arent using a certain effect, your tone is still affected. now with the GCX.. you have all your effects patched and turned on. the switcher will actually route the signal through the loops that you specify.. providing true bypass to everything you use it with.


yes...defintiely... the jacks in this thing are top quality, and they really dont loosen up over time. i would without hesitation buy another one if something ever happens to the one i got.

General Comments

i use a ton of pedals and most of the time i have more then 2 two running at a given time.. the gcx allows me to hit one switch but turn on and off up to 8 pedals at once. i think though, that i probably would not have purchased this if i had to buy a new one. im a musician on a small gear budget, and when i found this used i had to jump on it. but understandable, voodoolabs, being a custom shop, commands custom shop prices.

feel free to ask me any question about the GCX that you have...im more than willing to help my fellow music maker

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