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Sound Quality

Absolutely fantastic!!! The effects are powerful, brilliant and transparent! I have tried effect units like the TC Electronics G-Major and G-Force and the Intellifex is at the same level as these. The unit is absolutely silent and noise-free. However, embedded Hush removes any kind of noise that might be in the signal chain (specially due to high gain amp settings). I have set it up as a part of my rack equipment: Rocktron Chameleon => Rocktron Intellifex => Behringer Virtualizer Pro => Rocktron Velocity 100 => LMOE Custom 4x12" The factory presets cover a wide variety of "artist" sounds (EVH, Brian May, etc.) Rocktron's website has also dozens of user contributions you can load into this unit... so... the possibilities are virtually infinite!


Although I have two different effect units in my rig, they are used for different purposes. Since the Intellifex' delay goes (only) up to 1500ms, I have set up the Behringer Virtualizer Pro for longer delays (up to 5100ms). Apart from that, this unit is simply reliable! I had only one issue, that led me to send it for repairs (malfunctioning relay). Now it's new again.

General Comments

This is the only unit that I'm totally dependable on.

I could replace or change my entire rig, but I definitely would not stop using the Intellifex.

When I hade the problem mentioned above, I was going crazy... and I was already looking for another Intellifex to replace it, in case the problem wasn't repairable.


Its amazing features really pumped up my creativity! :-D

Newer versions don't have TRS latch mute and preset up/down connectors in the back panel.


It suits every playing style.

Just wish it had intelligent pitch shifter/harmonizer...

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