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Sound Quality

I've enjoyed this pedal with a variety of rigs over the years, but it is pretty much limited to metal and modern punk. Someone talked about blues with this pedal, but that's a joke. It's a super high gain pedal. Even with the gain turned all the way down it still is fuzzy. Still, it's great for metal...I play an Ibanez through it and into an old tube amp and it rocks. I use other overdrive pedals for any other sound, though.


Some people talk about how crappy their DOD pedals are, but I've had two of them for 10+ years without any problems. Don't try to smash it when you stomp and it should be fine.

General Comments

They're pretty cheap used and are great for playing something heavy. Just remember what you've bought. It is a specialized pedal. It can't do everything. I've been using it for more than 10 years and wouldn't even think of selling it.

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