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Sound Quality

It can sound really good or it can sound REALLY bad. I gave it a seven because it's easy to muck up your whole sound with this pedal, but if you use it right, it sounds great. I've never had a problem with this being noisy. When I use the flanger, I usually play it with an Ibanez shredding guitar and pretty high gain distortion...DOD Metal X. I use it to get a trippy sort of sound...on the verge of chaos.


Anyone who complains about DOD's breaking think that "stomp" box means you try to smash it to pieces to turn it on. True, the switch is plastic, but the rest of the pedal is really solid. I've had this for over 10 years and the switch is fine...I even still have the battery cover.

General Comments

I play any number of styles. I bought this pedal when I was playing a lot of punk and metal and wanted to add a "trippier" sound. In the 10+ years since then, I've used the pedal on and off. It's not in my regular setup anymore, but I still break it out and mess around with it from time to time. I'm developing a new style that borders on chaos...like playing with a wild beast. I think the pedal will have a role in that realm. If it was stolen, lost, etc. I would probably take more time with flangers before deciding if I'd buy this again. (It's discontinued so you'd have to look for it used now.)

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