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Boss ME-6 Guitar Multi-Effects

Sound Quality

I haven't bought it for the distortion because i've got a Boss MT-2 pedal. The other effects are pretty good. I like the delay most. The reverb effects sounds cheap when setting the time below 10 ore something. The delay ends not nice then (to fast). The equalizer overdrives when setting the low-level to high. With good settings it sounds great but it has to be used with other 'loose' pedals like my MT-2 for the best sound.


I think the reliability is good. I havent got any problems yet. Boss is a very good mark which I've good experiences with. All the things they make are reliable. Most pedals are I think.

General Comments

I'm playing Metal and thats the reason why I don't like the distortion (just to weak). I¿¿ve got a 12-snare Yamaha western guitar which sounds great with the delay effects. In combination with my other pedals do I like it. The only thing thats bordering me is that the bypass-button is too small. When I want to play without the ME-6 can't I turn it off easy with my foot (I've to use my big toe :p). That problem is easy to solve by setting channel one witout any effects. It's a good machine, specially for the price I bought it fore.

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