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I just received my D-03 about 2 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. It's my first "real" solid-wood guitar, having played a Yamaha FG-420 for sometime (good guitar to learn on though). The tone is incredible and the fit and finish are impeccable. I was looking for a guitar in the $1000-$1500 price range and tried out many of them before I stumbled on the Larrivee. I'm really glad I did, as I was thinking about buying a Martin D-16GT and the D-03 just blows it away in all aspects: sound, construction (dovetail neck joint) and price. I decided to buy it online from Elderly, even though I was hesitant to get a fine instrument through the mail, and I'm glad I did. The guitar came professionally setup and arrived about a week after I ordered it. Plus, I saved about $150 over what the local retailer was able to sell it for. I would definitely recommend both the Larrivee D-03 and Elderly Instruments to anyone looking for an incredible guitar - at any price.

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