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DigiTech ControlX MIDI Foot Pedal

Sound Quality

I'm using the Control X with my Genesis 3, my guitar is a strat and i play through a Jackson 50 watt 2x12 tube amp. There are a few of the effects that don't transition smoothly with the expression pedal. One is the Phaser, which is a bummer because it's an effect I would really like to exploit by being able to use the pedal with it. Most of the effects sound great, and the transition from presets and from red to green or warp channels is smooth and fast. I've been able to emulate many of my favorite artists sounds much better with the Control X than I had been able to with the Genesis 3 alone. The Whammy is great, as is the Flanger. You can set up your sounds in soundbanks within the Genesis 3 in a logical way so that you are able to transition among several effects very quickly. There is a stomp assigned to each preset of the current "bank" you are in, so for example when I play a Tool song that uses a Flanger, Whammy and uses both a clean and distorted guitar sound I can transition between any of them by hitting one single stomp. Very cool! Then if my next song uses different settings, I can instantly move to the next "bank" and I have 3 new customized settings at my disposal. Honestly, using the Genesis 3 without the Control X is like owning a Ferrari with a speed governer set on 75 mph, sure it's cool, but you can't open it up and really take advantage of it's intended function.


Since I have had this unit for a short time, I really can't judge accurately on reliability. I can say that I have confidence in Digitech product reliability, and I would dare say that the Control X won't disappoint me. It is a very solid unit, with a metal casing that stays put on the ground. There are times when you turn on the Genesis 3 and the LED on the Control X display says Er and doesn't respond. So far just resetting the Genesis 3 once has worked to fix it, so it doesn't appear to be a problem.


General Comments

If you use the Genesis 3 and want to gig, I'm guessing you already own the Control X. I can't imagine trying to gig without this pedalboard. The cool thing about using the Genesis 3 with the Control X is that if you spend the time to customize your soundbanks and pedal expression, you really can do just about everything and not depend on many more pedals. I use a seperate volume pedal in conjunction with the Control X, that's all! I play mostly metal, I can play Tool and Rage stuff and do pretty good at emulating their sounds after having customized my presets on my Genesis 3. I've been playing guitar for 3 years now, and since I bought my electric and Genesis 3 a year and a half ago I haven't put my guitar down. The Control X has only added to this obsession. If I lost my Control X, I would buy another...unless my Genesis 3 was stolen with it, then I would buy the GNX3 which is basically what I have now plus a digital 8 track recorder all in one unit. (costs around $500) I have about $450 into my Genesis 3 and Control X, so I would recommend it if you already own a Genesis 3, otherwise you would be crazy to not get the GNX3 instead. I've heard of people using midi pedals with their Genesis 3, I've heard a lot of people gripe about the price of this unit but it was worth the price to me. There is a learning curve to use the Control X, I can't imagine having to program a midi pedal to work with the Genesis 3 on top of everything else. Spend just a little more and save yourself the hassle, the Control X was made specificaly for the Genesis 3 and I highly recommend it. If you own a Genesis 3 buy it,there is no excuse not to. If you don't have the money, pawn your dad's lawnmower and buy it.


For anybody else that owns the control x and wishes to share patches, contact me at my email address.

Reviewer's Background

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