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Sound Quality

it does great for the sound i want, i use an gibson sg through a mesa boogie dual rectifier, it colors my tone without distorting my whole signal, it is also noiseless no hum feedback etc.....sounds good with the metal zone i use and the amp distortion........only critique i can give is that you really can't get to many different sounds for it, it is great for one or two effects and really nice clean or distorted, but if you mess with the knobs to much you can get some really sillyass sounds


10 10 10 10 10 boss is my lifeline, its a tank, if i lost this pedal 20 times i would buy it 21 times, never had a problem

General Comments

i play in an emorock band and it is great, i could see using it with any music, my best friend plays music in his church and he uses one, pedal is a must

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