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Michael Kelly Michael Kelly Legacy O

Sound Quality

I have played Collins, Gibson, and Guilcrest mandos and would love to do a side by side tone test with some of the big boys. I have done side by sides with a buddies way more expensive Eastman Oval hole, my comparable Morgan Monroe Rocky Top F style, a Legacy F hole, and my 100 year old Stradolin A. It sounds as good as the Eastman and plays better, smokes the Monroe, sounds better than the regular Legacy, and plays better and has better intonation than the overtone rich Stradolin, but this is a relatively new instrument and it's tone is only going to get better. 


It's well built but it's hollow wooden box, not steel

General Comments

For the money, or even 2 or 3 times the money, this instrument can't be beat. The tone is so good that I sought out Legacy F hole model at a local music store to try. .I don't know why f hole models are more popular, but I can see a time when, like guitars oval holes are way more common. To my guitar loving ears, the tone is just more pleasing.

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