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Sonny W.

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

--I play 2 Thinline Tele's, a Hagstrom Viking, a 72 Strat and several others through it. They all sound different and they all sound good. --Would rate an 8 because it doesn't exactly replicate that tube sound us tone nuts love so much. But it is a hybrid, and not a tube amp so what do you expect. That being said, I had to bump it to a 9 because the tone is killer for an amp that isn't fully tube. --I play a broad range of music, but mostly play blues. I play in a group that has three different singers/writers in it and we play a broad range of music. It's like seeing 3 bands in one night. But I was having to set up 2 amps to cover my tonal bases. Now I just need this one. I have three tones set up before hand and use my Keeley-Blues driver to boost for solos. --It's a little noisy, but only if you are alone in a quiet space. But any amp this size would be. You want quiet, get small. At most any gig this amp is plenty quiet for it's size and power. --The range of clean-distortion-high gain is as broad as they come. --The base isn't super clean, but it's a VOX not a Fender. That's my take on it anyway. That's like buying a Ford and complaining because it doesn't look like a Chevy. It's not that either really is much better than the other, just a little different.


--Have not had it long enough, but it seems to be well built. I take care of my gear tho, even stuff that I gig with so I don't see any real problems in the near future with it.

General Comments

If I were only comparing it to tube amps, it would fall to around 7, maybe 8. But it beets everything in it's class by a mile so I gave it a nine. It's not a pure tube amp, but as close as I have heard to one.

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