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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I use an Ibanez jem 555 with it, sounds ok, but: and this problem I have with all marshalls I've played (including TSL!) they just miss the amount of distortion. I don't want to crank the amp cause it's way too loud, although it's the only way too get heavy sounds out of it. But when I use Overdrive channel 2, it has enough drive for rhythm playing, but for solo's (a la Vai etc.) you can't get away without using compression or a distortion pedal in front of it. The jmp-1 is not noisy, not even when the gain is cranked all the way up. That's a +. Because everybody hates the hiss tube amps can make. The variety of sounds is good. You can make warm, bassy cleans on channel 1, and crispy trebly cleans on channel 2. Drive channel 1 sounds like an old Super lead, good tone, not that much drive, and drive channel 2 sounds like the newer JCM's , the 900 i suppose. For the heavier stuff. Last thing I am going to say about the sound: if you are into hardrock/metal, and like tight, metal like distortions, this is not the amp. A marshall will always sound a bit muddy, unless you crank the power amp section, take out the mids and add some compression. I would like to have a rectifier but it's way too expensive. But, the marshall does a good job. It just lacks some distortion.


I don't know, I've owned 4 marshalls (valvestate 40 watt, valvestate 100 watt head, JTM-30 and JCM 2000 tsl combo) and never a problem!

General Comments

Enough said. Go listen and have your own opinion.

If you like metallica, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, buy a Boogie.

If you like AC/DC, Guns 'n roses, whatever, if you like the Marshall

go buy it. Remember you always have to crank the bitch to get a good sound. That's the only -

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